Tired of heavy motors and batteries that make you lose control of your eBike and waste too much energy when riding unassisted?

The arrival of Fazua motors has revolutionized the second generation of eBikes with its compact electric system and its removable motor, giving way to lightweight eBikes that offer the perfect balance between the sensations of traditional cycling and the benefits of electric assistance. 


Would you like to know why?

In this article, you will discover the main advantages of Fazua motors in eBikes and how they revolutionize the riding experience.

Who is behind Fazua Motors?

Fazua Motors is a company founded in 2013 in Munich, Germany, by a passionate group of cyclists determined to revolutionize the electric bicycle market.

Their goal was to design a new propulsion system for eBikes that would push the limits of bicycle mobility while preserving the natural riding feel of a conventional bicycle.

The result?

An electric system weighing just over 4 kg (8,81 lb) that incorporates motor and battery into a compact unit and integrates seamlessly into the down tube of the bicycle frame, offering a look and feel much closer to a conventional bicycle and a much more natural riding feel than other electric bikes.

In addition, this innovative Drivepack system can be easily removed to convert your eBike into a conventional bike whenever you want, so you can choose how you want to ride at any time. 

Fazua's motor and battery system has positioned itself as the lightest and most compact on the market and has managed to attract the attention of the prestigious automotive brand Porsche, which a few months after buying 20% of Fazua's shares decided to keep its entire shareholding.

Because, as Lutz Meschke, Vice Chairman and member of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, says, "Fazua is a highly innovative company that fits perfectly with the pioneering spirit of Porsche."

But what are the advantages of Fazua motors for ebikes?

The Efficiency of Fazua E-Bike Motors summarized in 5 keys 

The unique design of the Fazua motor and battery system provides a host of advantages to electric bike riders. Here are the most relevant ones:

1 - Lightweight Design:

Fazua motors are renowned for their lightweight construction. Weighing only 1.8 kg (3.96 lb), these motors contribute to the overall lightness of the eBike. 

This aspect is crucial for riders who value portability and maneuverability. With a lightweight eBike, navigating difficult terrains becomes easier, allowing for precise turns and obstacle avoidance. 

2 - Natural Riding Feel:

One of the main advantages of Fazua motors is that they provide a more natural riding experience than other eBikes. 

The pedal assist is seamlessly integrated with the rider's pedaling effort and the motor is completely disconnected from the bottom bracket when riding above 25 km/h (20mph US & CAN), resulting in a smooth and efficient ride. 

In addition, unlike other eBike motor systems, Fazua motors offer a virtually frictionless experience, allowing riders to enjoy traditional cycling sensations while still benefiting from electric assistance.

3 - Convenience and control:

The pedal assist remote control can be integrated into the eBike's frame or handlebars to quickly and intuitively switch from one level of assistance to the other.

In addition, you can also see the battery charge status at a glance by means of five LED lights that adapt their brightness to external conditions for greater comfort and safety.


Removable motor

4 - Optimal Power-to-Weight Ratio:

Lightweight eBikes with Fazua motors may have smaller batteries compared to their more powerful counterparts. However, despite their lightweight design, Fazua motors provide high power. 

Their 58 Nm of torque combined with the low weight of the electric pack, extend the autonomy of the 252 Wh battery and this energy efficiency allows riders to cover considerable distances on a single charge.

So we can say that the Fazua motors achieve the perfect balance between power and weight, ensuring a pleasant driving experience without sacrificing maneuverability.

5 - Versatile Riding Options:

Fazua motors have the added advantage of being removable motors

This means that riders have the flexibility to transform their eBike into a conventional bicycle whenever they wish. By removing the motor, the weight of the eBike is significantly reduced, offering a lightweight cycling experience similar to that of a traditional bicycle. 

In addition, the fact that the drivepack is removable offers the possibility of riding with a spare battery in the backpack to avoid unforeseen events during longer trips or to use the space occupied by the motor for storage by replacing the drivepack with a hollow cover.

This makes the Fazua motors an ideal choice for both riders who want to alternate electric cycling with conventional cycling, and for those who want to enjoy their bikepacking trips to the fullest.

While their versatility and lightness makes them perfect for Gravel or road eBikes.

For all these reasons, in Crow Bicycles we have chosen to incorporate the Fazua motor and battery system to our range of super lightweight premium eBikes.

Would you like to see some of our models?


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