Long-distance bicycle tours have gained enormous popularity in recent years, in some ways, thanks to the emergence of electric bikes.

Long-distance bicycle travel, also known as cycle touring, is a unique and fascinating way to explore the world. 

This new way of traveling, often associated with the concept of slow travel, contrasts with the hectic rush of mass tourism and allows you to enjoy the destination at your own pace, fostering interactions with the local community, reducing carbon emissions and supporting small businesses.

In short, providing a perfect blend of sustainability, cultural exchange and personal growth. 

However, in order to get the most out of a long-distance trip, you need to bring a bike that is up to the task, otherwise your trip can turn into a real Odyssey.


How to choose the best electric bikes for long distance touring? 

When it comes to choosing the best bike for long distance touring, several factors come into play. Here's a breakdown of what to consider:

  1. Type of bike

There are many types of bikes: city, road, mountain… Each one focused on specific terrain and needs. But only one of them is perfectly adapted to any situation: Gravel eBikes

The only ones that allow you to ride both on asphalt and mountain trails without affecting precision. That's why they have become the best companion for any long-distance trip.

  1. Levels of assistance

On long-distance rides, it is essential to dose the effort. So opting for an eBike with different levels of pedaling assistance can be a good idea. 

This way, you can extend the range of your eBike by saving battery power on flat stretches and reserve the electric assistance for the more delicate moments.

  1. The battery and the motor

The battery and the motor are the heart of any electric bike. So, if you are going to cover long distances, the best thing to do is to opt for an eBike that gives you the autonomy and power you need to cover each stage, without compromising comfort and handling.

In this regard, mid-drive motors are a popular choice among long-distance cyclists, providing efficient power and excellent torque

Such as the Fazua Motor system, one of the lightest mid-drive electric systems on the market, which offers a range of 90 km (56 mi) and a torque of 58 Nm.

  1. Weight

The weight of the bike plays an important role in long-distance touring.

An excessively heavy motor can significantly affect the eBike's handling and performance, making it less maneuverable, affecting its balance, reducing its range and, in the end, leading to higher energy consumption

However, Crow's lightweight eBikes, with their removable motor system that allows the weight of the bike to be reduced by about 3 kg when riding unassisted, become the perfect solution for these trips.

As it not only improves the versatility of the eBike, but also solves the weight issues associated with the motor, ensuring a more natural and comfortable riding experience for riders.

  1. Customization

When it comes to long-distance touring, it's best to have a customized eBike. Either by adding additional accessories such as luggage racks, panniers or a more comfortable saddle, or by modifying the seatpost length and handlebar width to adapt the bike to your morphology.

And, since we are going to customize, what do you think if we review the features that every long-distance bike should have?



Features to consider of a long distance ebike 

If you are looking for the best electric bike for long distance touring, you should consider the following features:

  • Gearing System
  • Opt for a bike with a versatile gearing system that includes a wide range of gears. This is essential for tackling various terrains, from steep climbs to fast descents, ensuring you can maintain an efficient cadence in different riding conditions.


  • Braking System
  • Reliable brakes are essential to maintain safety during long-distance rides. Disc brakes, especially hydraulic ones, offer excellent stopping power and modulation, instilling confidence when navigating challenging descents.


  • Tires and Wheels
  • The choice of tires and wheels can greatly affect your ride quality when touring. Consider wider tires with good tread patterns for enhanced grip, stability, and comfort. In addition to strong and durable tires, essential for carrying heavy loads and withstanding long hours on the road.


  • Frame Material
  • The frame material plays an important role in both the weight and durability of your eBike. If you don't know which one to choose, in this article you will find the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum vs. carbon fiber e-bikes.


  • Suspension fork
  • When considering an eBike for long distance touring, don't overlook the possibility of mounting it with a suspension fork. This type of fork can greatly improve your control and comfort on uneven terrain, reducing fatigue and allowing you to enjoy the ride without having to feel every bump in the road.


  • Pedals
  • Pedals are often overlooked but play a vital role in your comfort and efficiency. Choose pedals that match your preferred style—flat, clipless, or a combination of both—and ensure they provide good grip and support for your feet.

    All of these aspects will help ensure comfort, performance, and safety throughout your trip. However, there are still more things to consider when preparing your electric bike for a long-distance tour…


    Other factors to consider in your ebike for long-distance touring  

    Before embarking on a long-distance tour with your electric bicycle, check point by point what we share with you in the following list:

    ✔  Maintenance and tuning

    It is advisable to thoroughly check your electric bike or take it to a professional workshop to make sure everything is in order before starting your trip. 

    This includes inspecting the frame, wheels, tires, brakes, gears, and transmission. Replace any worn or damaged components and make sure everything is properly lubricated and adjusted.

    ✔  Handlebar and saddle comfort

    Assess the comfort of your handlebars and saddle for extended periods and, if necessary, consider using grips, handlebar straps or special saddles that reduce hand and seat discomfort. Small adjustments can make a big difference in comfort over long distances.

    ✔  Storage and accessories

    Plan storage solutions carefully. Install a luggage rack, panniers, or bags to carry your gear and make sure they are well mounted and can accommodate the essentials without affecting the stability of your eBike.

    ✔  Lights and visibility

    Equip your bicycle with front and rear lights, especially if you plan to ride in low light conditions or at night. Reflective elements on your clothing and bike can increase your visibility to others on the road.

    ✔  Range extenders

    If you anticipate longer periods between recharges, consider using range extenders or extra battery packs. This will give you peace of mind that you have enough power to cover long distances without interruption.

    ✔  Test drive

    Before embarking on a long-distance tour, test your eBike to make sure everything is working properly, and you are comfortable with your new setup.

    If you keep these aspects in mind, you will be well prepared for a long-distance touring by bike, minimizing the risk of mechanical problems and improving your overall experience.

    But if you really want an extraordinary long-distance touring experience, we recommend you make the journey on the back of a Crow.

    Our lightweight, customizable eBikes, equipped with powerful mid-drive motors and a detachable motor system, offer the perfect combination of efficiency, comfort, and versatility for your ride.

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