Riding a bike, whether for fun, training, or commuting, is an experience that is greatly enhanced by careful planning.

Although, fortunately, the days of pulling out the map, squinting to find the tiny roads and trusting your fate to destiny are long gone. Technological advances have also reached the cycling world.

Now, with a proper route planner, you can not only plot your route, but you can also see what type of terrain or scenic views the route has in store for you. In fact, there are bike route planners that even show you the top places to grab a quick bite along the way.

Kind of like a Google Maps specifically for bike routes.

5 tips on how to plan a bicycle route carefully

Before you get on your bike and venture out on any road, it is vital to have a plan. Good planning not only ensures a safer experience, but also allows you to enjoy spectacular scenery, face challenges that match your level of fitness or experience, and discover hidden corners. 

But how do you plan a route accurately and efficiently? Here's how to do it:

1 – Know your end goal

Before you dive into planning, define what you want to achieve. Are you looking for a challenging workout among hills, a leisurely ride on the flat, or perhaps a mix of both? The route you choose should be aligned with your goal.

2 – Assume your limits 

Especially if you're switching from traditional bikes to eBikes. It is important to recognize that, although with an eBike you can ride longer distances in less time or with less effort, the bike does not run itself. So the route you choose should be appropriate to your level of endurance. 

3 – Research the environment

Not all roads are suitable for cycling. Before getting on your bike, you should consider aspects such as the type of terrain, traffic, the distance covered in each stage, the level of difficulty or the weather forecast for the day of the trip. In this regard, the route planner is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises.

4 – Prioritize safety

Always choose well-lit, low-traffic roads or roads designed specifically for cyclists. And don't forget to invest in eBike accessories that can improve your safety such as reflective vests, a pack of front and rear lights, a multi-tool kit or an approved helmet. You know what they say, better safe than sorry…

5 – Include intermediate stops

Plan breaks, especially on longer rides. Whether for a snack, to enjoy a viewpoint, or simply to regain strength before continuing your route. Not only to rest, but also to enjoy the route even more.



In any case, planning your cycling routes will become easier thanks to apps designed especially for cyclists.


The best cycling route planning apps

Whether you're looking for meandering trails, breathtaking scenery or routes optimized for training, bike apps will give you the tools you need to map out your next adventure.

And now we're really getting down to our favorite bike route planners.

Do you take note?

  • MapMyRide
  • MapMyRide is part of Under Armour's "MapMyFitness" family of apps. It is a tool designed specifically for cyclists that allows you to both discover existing routes created by other users and plan your own rides. It is also capable of recording your activity in real time, displaying data such as speed, distance, elevation, and calories burned.


  • Bike Map
  • Bike Map is an application focused on the global cycling community. Users from all over the world contribute their favorite routes, resulting in a vast collection of routes for cyclists of all levels. The app is intuitive and allows you to search for routes based on your current location or a specific destination.


  • Trailforks
  • What started as a route planner for mountain bikes has established itself as one of the most comprehensive apps for discovering new routes for gravel, trail running, hiking and snow sports. Thanks to Trailforks, users can obtain detailed information about each trail, including its difficulty, state of conservation and possible obstacles.


    As you can see, each of these apps has its own characteristics, but they all share a common goal: to help cyclists plan and enjoy their cycling routes more.

    And you know what can also help you enjoy your routes even more? Having an electric bike for longer and more complicated routes.

    Why choose an e-bike for your cycling routes? 

    The popularity of eBikes has transformed the world of cycling. Although there are still riders who prefer traditional models, the advantages of electric bikes are undeniable:

  • Increased range
  • eBikes offer motorized assistance, which means you can ride longer distances without getting as tired. Perfect for embarking on bikepacking routes or for those days when you just want to explore a little more.

  • Hill? What hill? 
  • The additional boost from the eBikes makes climbing a breeze. Forget the fear of steep inclines and enjoy the extra help to reach new horizons.

  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Not only can eBikes save you money on fuel, they are also environmentally friendly. It's a double benefit: for your pocket and for the planet.

    If you are new to this world or have doubts about what type of eBike to choose, we recommend you to consult our eBike buying guide.

    Still not convinced by the idea of changing your bike for an eBike? 

    With our removable motor Fazua by Porsche you can switch from traditional bike to eBike whenever you want. In a single movement and without changing of bike.

    Ready for a new world of adventure?


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