We are introducing our Crow Ambassadors Program, a one of a kind referral program in the bikes industry whereby all Crow users can access and refer their friends and both gain great incentives. 

The initiative is a pioneer among the industry and has been very well received by the early adopters and users of the brand, from Europe, the USA and Canada.  

    We have followed a very different path than most in the industry since our inception, and thi initiative is just one step forward in this journey. Our goal is simple: turning all our users in brand ambassadors, allowing them and their referrals to gain great incentives

    We introduced Gravital, its first full line of ultralight, high-performance eBikes earlier this summer, and many of you have been receiving your bikes in both Europe and North America ever since. Now, we want to reward these first buyers who have trusted the brand by offering them an exclusive incentive program, whereby they can obtain income and exclusive advantages to acquire accessories, and new products of the brand and, even a second Crow eBike for free.


    “Since we started, we have proven it, our best reference are our users; everyone who tastes the ride of a Crow, falls in love! So, there’s nobody better than them, who will better communicate the performance of our bicycles, thus we want to reward them for their trust and offer them all the necessary tools and incentives in order to continue growing our murder of crows all across the globe” says Willy Losa, Crow Marketing Director.

    The procedure is very simple: each user who buys a Crow eBike accesses the referral program through https://crowbicycles.com/pages/ambassadors, where they will have all the information, along with a unique link to be shared with other people. All those who use a referral code in the purchase order will have a direct discount of €200. Meanwhile, users whose personal code has been used will automatically get a credit of €200 accumulable. These credit have no expiration date or limit, being able to exchange them for accessories or new brand products and even, for another eBike completely free of charge.

    This incentive program will be launched this October for all users and will be retroactive. With these initiatives, Crow Bicycles continue its mission, shaking up the cycling experience through innovative, accessible and sustainable solutions in the long term. 


    Crow Bicycles

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