Green Friday

Black Friday, Black Week or Black Month - you name it. Back in the day... A time when we used to have a day of rest, spend time with our families and focus on what's essential in life! A local tradition that started in Philly, USA, in the mid-nineteenth century when the trading and sale of the year's crops began. People would gather at the market square and celebrate with food, drinks and entertainment! Good old times. 

We lost the meaning of this day a long time ago, and now it has become one of the biggest days in the year for shopping sales in the World. In defence of the holiday, many small businesses need this boost in sales to keep going through the hard times that come with weather and other things we cannot control. But we are here to focus on the big players and our addiction to buying things we don't need for our planet's health. The holiday season is one of the busiest times for retailers, with people shopping more and spending more money than they usually do.

No Black Friday
This shopping spree can create a lot of waste and pollution on so many levels that there are Crow Bicycles, and we would prefer to go for a ride. And we will! On the 25th of November, the stationery shop will remain closed, and we encourage you to spend this weekend on sports activities! There will be more fantastic days to grab a bike rather than clogging the already busy weekend.
The amount of trash produced during Black Friday/Christmas shopping has doubled over the last 20 years due to increased production and longer shopping trips.

But why do we overconsume so much in the first place? 

We are entitled to many things in our society. We want to be happy, we want to feel comfortable, and we want to have everything we want instantly. Free deliveries and returns make us forget about the pollution each of our orders causes. Fast fashion is killing the planet, but let's not break the Christmas spirit, huh?

The Consumerist culture has created an increasing demand for more goods at a lower price. We even may know something has a too good price tag for the performance it offers, but no one wants to feel inferior on the field out there. We cyclists tend to overthink our next buy - lighter components, better brakes, softer saddle - don't even try to fool us. You had such a thought with your open basket on the website.

Against Black Friday

That's a fact, but what can we do about it in the first place? Observe crows!

These highly adaptive animals, just like humans, could be found all over the World. Staying in balance with our surroundings makes it easier for local species to survive. Crows who live in Europe don't crave bananas, and The lesson here is that being mindful and responsible in our consumer choices can make a difference to the well-being of all wildlife on Earth. Slowing down and choosing wisely is a great way to show our environmental support and will impact our well-being. So let's pay attention to the ecological damage we are causing simply by getting gifts. Plan and start thinking about what to give next year! "If you won't accept eco-effectiveness, then at least admit your stupidity." - Thomas L. Friedman. Do you need that extra pair of "you name it”?

We aim for a more sustainable future at Crow Bicycles and want you to be part of it!

Gravel eBike Senior

With over 70% of our bike parts being made in Europe while manufacturing and painting the components takes place in Spain only, we aim for as short a supply chain as possible. It would blow your mind how much a single part can travel before coming to your doorstep! The carbon footprint is enormous! Just like crows - we use what we can find locally and adapt! Support local bike shops instead of Amazon! Local shops are the foundation of every community, and we should honour them as much as we support fair-trade coffee. They create more jobs in the community and are the source of ideas for new and creative things! Just like local events, trails and parties!

We are stuck in the global outreach with social media bombarding us with more advertising. The World is shifting to the demand for cheap and readily available products. Maybe this "Black Friday:" hype is a response to corporate greed and political corruption in this country. We need to remind ourselves that it's not all about bargains! Please take a good, long ride and think about it! Let the horns go silent for a while, and... remember our local trails & rides are still running strong! We have to unplug from the flow fed by these worldly distractions created by capitalism and realise that there is more to life than consumerism!

To sum it up, don't become a grinch that hates Christmas time, yet realise how it affects our only planet. This is the only place we know of sick gravel routes, single-track trails or ideal sunset boulevards. Let's take care of it together, consume less and ride more!

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