The United Kingdom (UK) offers a great diversity of routes and trails that make it a top cycling destination. Whether pedaling along sea cliffs, crossing green valleys or touring the country's major cities on two wheels.

And, beyond its wide variety of landscapes, the UK is a territory perfectly equipped with well-marked routes and quality infrastructure, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cycling experience.

So, get your bike ready to enjoy a new adventure. In this article, you will find the inspiration and tips you need for your next cycling tour in the UK.

How to choose the best cycle routes in UK 

The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, is a destination that has been gaining popularity among cycling enthusiasts due to its fabulous National Cycle Routes Network

An impressive network of over 25,000 km (ca. 15,534 mi) that is meticulously signposted using a code of numbers and colors that indicates whether the route is National or Regional. This, coupled with the detailed information you can find on their website, including maps, guides, and places of interest, makes discovering the best cycle routes in the UK an easy and rewarding task.

However, here are some factors to consider when choosing your UK cycle route:


  • Type of terrain

  • The orography of the UK is mainly characterized by gentle slopes and hills typical of the English countryside, a type of terrain well suited for both beginner cyclists and those looking for a relaxing ride. Although, if you are an experienced cyclist looking for greater challenges, you can also find areas of dense forests, lakes and mountain peaks.

    In any case, if you choose routes with elevations, make sure you are in good physical condition and have the right equipment, such as bicycles with several gears and good brakes. Also, rural roads are often uneven and muddy, so in these cases, mountain bikes or gravel bikes with suspension forks can be of great help.

  • Weather and the season

  • Weather conditions in the UK can vary considerably depending on the region and time of year. Still, despite its famously grey weather, temperatures are fairly mild in spring, summer and autumn, creating an ideal environment for exploring the country by bike. 

    Just be sure to pack a good windbreaker and be prepared to pedal hard if you choose a coastal route, as the coastal areas of the UK, being an island, can be extremely windy.

  • Route length

  • The choice of the length of a cycle route will depend on the cyclist's physical condition and experience, as well as his objectives and the time available. 

    If you are planning a multi-day cycle route, divide the total distance into manageable stages, taking into account the availability of accommodation and services along the way. It is also advisable to plan breaks and allow enough time to explore the varied British landscapes.

    Ready to get to know the best cycling routes in the UK?


    best ciclyng routes in UK


    Long distance cycle routes in UK 

    The best way to discover a country is on a bicycle, and what better way to do it than riding along the most emblematic roads of the UK.

    Would you like to see some of them?


    1 – Coast to Coast (C2C):

    The Coast to Coast cycle route crosses the north of England, from Whitehaven on the west coast to Tynemouth on the east coast. 

    Along its approximately 220 kilometers (ca. 137 mi), cyclists will experience an incredible variety of scenery ranging from the mountains of the Lake District to the hills of the North Pennines, offering both challenging and more relaxed stretches. The picturesque locations and diverse terrain make this route a very enriching experience.

    2 – Land's End to John o' Groats

    Known as LEJOG, this epic route spans approximately 1,600 kilometers (ca. 994 mi), crossing the entire United Kingdom from end to end, from Land's End in Cornwall to John o' Groats in Scotland. 

    This makes this cycle route a true endurance challenge that tests the cyclist's determination, offering a broad insight into the history and different cultures of the UK's regions.

    3 – The North Sea Route

    This cycle route runs along the east coast of the UK and is part of the EuroVelo international cycling network. It is therefore an ideal route for those who like to pedal with the sound of the sea in the background while letting their eyes wander among endless horizons.

    Along the way, you will find spectacular views of the North Sea, charming fishing villages, ancient castles and historical monuments, making this route an unforgettable experience for both nature and history lovers.

    But the network of cycling routes in the UK does not only include large routes. It also offers the possibility of short day or weekend rides, ideal for those looking for a less intensive cycling experience.


    Short distance cycle routes in UK 

    Exploring short-distance cycling routes in the UK is a great way to immerse yourself in the country's natural beauty and discover little hidden gems.

    Here are some of our favorites:


    1 – Richmond Park (London)

    Located in the heart of the British capital, Richmond Park offers a gentle and serene circuit, ideal for beginners and families

    With an extension of approximately 11 kilometers (ca. 7 mi), this park is an oasis of tranquility, where cyclists can enjoy nature, observe the local wildlife, such as the famous deer, and stop along the way for a relaxing picnic.

    2 – The Camel Trail (Cornwall)

    This 29-kilometer (ca. 18 mi) cycle route, with terrain accessible to all types of cyclists, runs mainly along old railway tracks and offers spectacular views of the Cornish coast. 

    Along the way, you can admire the picturesque scenery, visit charming little villages and enjoy the local cuisine, making the Camel Trail a perfect choice for a truly memorable cycling break.

    3 – The Bristol and Bath Railway Path

    A 23-kilometer (ca. 14 mi) loop linking the innovative city of Bristol with the Georgian grandeur of Bath along a quiet and scenic trail, perfect for a day trip.

    The route is dotted with historical monuments, such as the famous Roman baths, and has several picnic and rest areas, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to combine cycling with cultural tourism.

    These short-distance routes offer the opportunity to visit the UK in a more fun and sustainable way, as well as discovering new horizons at a more leisurely pace.

    But what type of bicycles are best suited to the different landscapes of the UK?


    Best bikes for cycling in UK 

    Cycling through the United Kingdom is an incomparable experience, allowing you to discover breathtaking landscapes and places full of history. But to make the most of this adventure, it is essential to have the right equipment.

    In this sense, and given the varied characteristics of the terrain offered by the network of cycling routes in the UK, Gravel eBikes emerge as the most successful option for touring the country. 

    And why an eBike instead of a traditional bicycle?

    Well, because the boost provided by the motor is a great help in tackling the muddy roads due to the rain and strong winds of the coast. Allowing riders of all ages and fitness levels to make the most of the surroundings.

    Although if there is one of the advantages of eBikes that stands out above the rest, it is undoubtedly the possibility of riding longer distances without exhausting yourself.

    But, if you intend to ride one of the long distance cycling routes on the UK cycle network, we recommend you to choose our lightweight eBikes. Because thanks to its lightweight design and its electric assistance, you will be able to face these challenges more easily. 

    So, pack your bags. At Crow Bicycles, we are ready to equip you with the perfect travel companion to make the most of your cycling tours around the UK.




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