It's our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with Bicycle tool company, Prestacycle, with USA headquarters in San Diego, California. Whereby all our bikes will come with the premium Prestacycle Torqratchet tool.

prestacycle torqratchet tool crow

Our partnership with Prestacycle comes from our focus in creating the best user experience for our customers, and this tool is our weapon of choice to precisely tighten nuts and bolts of your Crow. At the same time Prestacycle aims to broaden their BtoB relationships, as Brandon Hirowaka, Director of Marketing and Strategic Development said: "I am happy to push Crow out there and it helps develops Prestacycle's brand ID as a OEM supplier. I think that Crow has developed a great product and look forward to having more of your bikes on the road here in the US". 


As of it, all Crow Bicycles are shipped with a Prestacycle Torqratchet to ensure safe assembly and adjustments of components that require specific torque ratings. The Torqratchet is a pocket multi-tool and 2-10Nm torque ratchet with the unique advantage of being able to loosen bolts without damaging the torque calibration.  David Finlayson, President and Founder of Prestacycle, said, “Including the proper tools to prevent damages by overtightening bolts keeps the rider safe on the bike, helps prevent liability issues, and decreases warranty claims.  The Torqratchet lets the end user safely make the adjustments that are necessary with new bikes.”

“Crow Bicycles is building a bridge between core purists and those who want the benefit of electric assistance by providing a premium performance bike that operates comfortably in both worlds,” said David Toledo, co-founder, and CEO of Crow. “Our mission is to disrupt the industry with a premium quality, performance bikes that seamlessly enhances human power output.”

About Prestacycle
Prestacycle is a USA-based Bicycle tools and components brand with a focus on innovative multi-purpose products ideal for both Consumers and Professional Mechanics. Prestacycle is a strong industry partner with full support for Dealers and Distributors, and additionally offers opportunities to other Bicycle Companies in the form of Product Development, Manufacturing and Private Labeling. Prestacycle also operates as North American Distributor for Wolfpack Tires and Edco.

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