Still don't know the cycling modality that broadens your horizons and allows you to explore new routes in the middle of nature? Gravel bikes offer a huge range of possibilities thanks to their great versatility. 

With a geometry similar to road bikes, but with a frame and wheels adapted to both cycling tracks and mountain trails, gravel eBikes have become the perfect companion for those riders who don't hesitate to go off-road in search of new adventures.

Ready to feel the crunch of gravel under your tires while cycling through fascinating landscapes?

In this article you will discover the most famous gravel routes for their beauty, challenge and diversity.

Characteristics of the gravel routes

What is it about gravel trails that makes them so popular? The main attraction of gravel routes lies in the contact with nature and the great variety of options they offer. 

However, these routes, far from the dangers of the road and the harshness of mountain biking, often have other points in common:

  • Diverse terrain
  • From forest tracks to relaxing country roads, each gravel route offers a new challenge and endless nooks to explore.

  • Less traffic
  • Gravel trails give you the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities to melt into nature while practicing your favorite sport. 

  • Scenic beauty
  • Each gravel route reveals a new panorama and allows you to enjoy breathtaking views that few people have access to.

  • Versatility
  • There are gravel routes for both beginners and professional riders. You can choose between short and easy routes or longer and more challenging trails depending on your experience and fitness level.

    Would you like to see some examples?

    The best 5 gravel bike routes worldwide

    If you are passionate about gravel biking, you can't miss these 5 routes. Each one of them has something unusual to offer: adventure, natural beauty, cultural background...

    Let each one choose his own!

    1 – The Great Divide (USA)

    A route that stretches from Canada to Mexico, taking you through the Rocky Mountains. With more than 4,400 km of trails, it is one of the longest gravel routes in the world. It offers you an impressive variety of terrain and landscapes, passing through deserts, prairies and high mountains.

    2 – The Mawson Trail (Australia)

    This 900 km route gives you a unique view of the Australian Outback. Starting in Adelaide and ending in Blinman, the Mawson Trail takes you through rural landscapes, mountain ranges and vineyards, offering unforgettable experiences and a more authentic vision of Australia.

    3 – Tuscany Trail (Italy)

    A 500 km gravel route that allows you to enjoy this wine-producing region of Italy to the fullest. The Tuscany Trail takes you through ancient Roman roads, vine-covered hills and beautiful medieval villages. In addition to the scenery, you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the world and immerse yourself in the rich Tuscan culture.


    gravel bike routes worldwide


    4 - Altravesur (Spain)

    Starting in Granada and ending in Cadiz, this route highlights the heady beauty of Andalusia. With a distance of approximately 700 km, the Altravesur takes you through gravel roads, ancient trails and mountainous areas. Along the way, you will enjoy the olive groves, the white villages and the magnificent Andalusian culture, which stands out for its delicious gastronomy and the friendliness of its people.

    5 – Iceland Inland Route (Iceland)

    A fascinating journey through the geysers, waterfalls, and volcanoes of Iceland. This gravel route is a unique experience where desolate landscapes mingle with lava fields and geothermal wonders. A real adventure for those looking for new challenges, surrounded by the most unusual nature.

    Shall we pack the luggage?


    7 essentials you will need on a gravel bike route

    Planning is a fundamental aspect to be able to enjoy your bike rides more. And when it comes to gravel routes, it's even more so. That's why we've prepared a short list of essential items that you'll appreciate having on hand during your ride.

    Are you taking note?


  • Bike route planner 
  • Before embarking on your adventure, it is advisable to get a good route planner. These tools, whether mobile apps or websites, allow you to plot your route, know the elevation profile and take into account points of interest and services available along the way.

  • Repair Kit
  • Having a basic repair kit on hand is essential for troubleshooting minor problems along the way. In this sense, a good emergency kit for gravel routes should include patches, tire levers, a multi-tool kit and a portable pump to keep the tires in perfect condition after each stage.

  • Hydration and nutrition
  • Carrying enough water and snacks is crucial. That's why we recommend carrying several water bottles or a camelbak-type hydration system for greater comfort. In addition to energy bars, gels or dried fruit to keep your batteries up throughout the ride.

  • Appropriate clothing
  • If you don't want your gravel route to become a nightmare, we recommend that you check the weather before setting off. Keep in mind that, in the middle of nature, the weather can be very changeable, so carrying a waterproof jacket or thermal clothing in your backpack can save you a hard time.

  • Lighting
  • You never know what you might encounter when you're out on your bike. Installing front and rear lights on your bike before you start a gravel route can be a good idea to ensure your visibility along the way.

  • GPS or bike computer
  • Even if you already have a route planner, a GPS will help you stay on track and monitor data such as distance traveled, speed and time.

  • Helmet
  • Never underestimate the importance of a good helmet, especially if you're heading out on a gravel trail. Make sure it fits properly and is approved to ensure your safety.

    These are some of the accessories that will help make your gravel rides safer and more enjoyable, but what about the bike?


    Best gravel bikes for cycling worldwide

    Having the perfect bike can make all the difference on your rides. That's why, if you're thinking about getting into gravel biking, we recommend you opt for lightweight ebikes

    These bikes, with electric motors and lightweight batteries, offer extra help to overcome hills and long distances, making them ideal for those looking for a more accessible experience or who want to cover more ground with less effort.

    In addition, if you choose a Crow, you can enjoy the advantages of the  Fazua Motor in Ebikes, which allows you to convert an eBike into a traditional bike in a matter of seconds. So you are the one who decides how you want to ride at all times.

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