Looking for new adventures on two wheels? In Spain, you will find a new discovery with every pedal stroke. 

Because a bike trip in Spain is much more than just moving between two points, it's an opportunity to interact with nature, visit charming villages and discover a new version of yourself that you didn't know about. 

With routes that challenge and delight at the same time, cycling in this country is not just a sport, it is an open window to new experiences, wonderful people and, undoubtedly, memories that will remain indelible in your memory. 


Dare you take the first pedal towards your next adventure?


7 bike trips in Spain that will amaze you

If you decide to embark on a bike trip in Spain, you will immediately see how its breathtaking landscapes, its stories and legends, and its great cultural background unfold before you like a majestic tapestry. 

And, so you can see that we are not making this up, we would like to share with you some of the best routes to travel through Spain by bike.

Will you join us?

1 - Pirinexus Route

This 360 km (ca. 224 mi) circular route, which connects the northeast of Spain with the south of France, goes into territories of rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. A journey through charming villages that ends where the imposing mountains of the Pyrenees merge with the sea. 

Needless to say, the views are spectacular, isn’t it?

In addition, although it includes some sections of some hardness, most of the trip runs through greenways and rural roads, making it ideal for beginners in the exciting world of bike touring.

2 – Camino de Santiago

From Roncesvalles or Somport to Santiago de Compostela, with various routes that can exceed 800 km (ca. 500 mi). 

Doing the Camino de Santiago by bike is an experience in itself that offers a great diversity of landscapes and adventures. In fact, it is one of the most iconic routes in Spain. If you want more information about it, we invite you to consult our guide to Cycling on the Camino de Santiago.

3 - Vía Verde de la Sierra

Spreading its charms along 36 km (ca. 22 mi), the Vía Verde de la Sierra offers you a quiet and pleasant bike trip from Puerto Serrano to Olvera.

Imagine pedaling along old train tracks, now converted into cycle paths, where tunnels and viaducts intertwine with such spectacular places as the Zaframagón reserve, one of the most populated vulture reserves in Europe.

4 – Vía Verde del Aceite Cycling Ring

With more than 128 km (ca. 80 mi), crossing the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba, this path takes you on a journey through the culture of olive oil.

A trip that not only delights your senses with landscapes of endless olive groves, but also immerses you in the history of the liquid gold: olive oil. Travel along old railway lines, visit mills, and let yourself be seduced by the delicious gastronomy of Jaén and Córdoba.

5 – The Cid Route

From Burgos to Valencia and along more than 2000 km (ca. 1,243 mi), the Cid route embarks you on an epic journey through Spain's medieval history, allowing you to experience an eclectic mix of landscapes and culture.

Follow in the footsteps of the legendary hero El Cid as you make your way on your bike through castles, fortresses, and lands that seem to have been extracted from a medieval novel. The Cid Route is a historic bike trip that combines the best of Spain's culture, history, and nature.

7 bike trips in Spain that will amaze you

6 - TransAndalus

With approximately 2000 km (ca. 1,243 mi), the TransAndalus takes you on a complete circuit through the eight provinces that make up the region of Andalusia.

Villages with white houses, Mediterranean forests, beaches with turquoise waters and even snow-capped mountains! A true odyssey of 23 stages that will awaken your explorer instinct and allow you to enjoy the most beautiful and less traveled landscapes of this wonderful region.

7 – The Silver Route

The Silver Route, an ancestral road that crosses Spain from North to South along 800 km (ca. 497 mi), links Gijón, in the northern region of Asturias, with the historic Seville, in the southern region of Andalusia. 

Each pedal along this ancient Roman road takes you on a trip that intertwines the green and mountainous landscapes of northern Spain with the endless plains of the “meseta” and the seas of olive groves in the south. This offers a continuous spectacle of nature and adventure for cyclists.

As you can see, each of these routes has its own charm and special character. Every kilometer you ride, you will discover a new facet of Spain, exploring its essence from the mountains to the sea, from the cities to the villages. Giving you a rich and varied experience that can only be appreciated above a bike.


Why is Spain the best cycling destination?


If you like bikes, Spain is the place for you, and we'll tell you why. 

To begin with, the climate

Did you know that Spain enjoys more than 3000 hours of sunshine a year? 

This means that you can enjoy your bike trips in Spain without having to worry too much about the weather. You just need a good bike route planner and start riding.

And speaking of routes, if you feel like facing new challenges, try climbing some of its mountains on one of our gravel eBikes. They are made for all types of terrain and will take you to places you thought impossible.

However, when we say that Spain is an excellent destination for cyclists, it is not only because of its nature and sport, but also because of its culture and the friendliness of its people.

Spaniards are open-minded people who love to share their traditions, their gastronomy and, of course, their favorite cycling routes. No wonder they invite you to join a group of cyclists to explore the surroundings together or share battles around a table. 

And hey, if at some point you decide to change your scenery, you can also continue your bike trip in Europe. Who knows? Your next destination could be in neighboring Portugal or the French Alps. 

But while you're deciding, why not take a look at the bikes we offer at Crow Bicycles? We're sure you'll find the perfect companion for your next adventure.



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