The rise of gravel ebikes isn't just about technological advancements; it's a reflection of changing lifestyles. People are seeking ways to escape the hustle and bustle, to reconnect with nature, and to challenge themselves with new experiences.

And gravel rides answer this call.

So, if you're one of those cyclists who look at a road and can't help wonder “What's beyond that hill?”, this article is for you.

What is a gravel ebike?

At its heart, a gravel ebike is about freedom. Because with a gravel ebike, you're not confined to smooth tarmac or city streets. Instead, it's a bike designed to handle a variety of terrains, from winding forest trails to rugged country paths.

The magic of a gravel ebike lies in its ability to blend the agility and speed of a road bike with the robustness of a mountain bike

This unique combination allows you to effortlessly switch from urban commuting to off-road adventures without losing comfort and efficiency.

But what are the main differences between a gravel ebike and other types of bicycles?

Main features of a Gravel ebike 

When it comes to the world of electric bicycles, gravel ebikes stand out for their unique blend of agility, sturdiness, and versatility. 

But what exactly sets them apart from other bikes? Let's dive into the main features that define gravel ebikes and understand why they are becoming increasingly popular among a wide range of riders.

  • A Perfect Balance of Form and Function

  • At the core of a gravel ebike's design is a frame that masterfully balances lightness with durability. This ensures the bike can withstand varied terrains while remaining easy to handle

  • Drop bar Handlebars

  • Most gravel ebikes feature the classic drop (curled) handlebar, reminiscent of road bikes, offering an aerodynamic advantage and multiple grip positions. However, innovations in design have introduced models with flat bars, catering to riders who prefer a more upright riding position.

  • Advanced Braking 

  • Equipped with disc brakes, gravel ebikes provide reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. This braking system is particularly beneficial when navigating rough terrains, ensuring safety and control at every turn.

  • Wheels and Tires

  • Striking a balance between road and mountain bikes, the wheels and tires of gravel ebikes are wider than those of road bikes but narrower than mountain bikes. This design, often featuring treaded or knobby tires, offers improved durability and traction, making it ideal for diverse surfaces.

  • Geometry

  • The geometry of gravel ebikes varies from nimble and efficient to more relaxed and stability-focused. This range caters to different riding styles, whether you’re seeking an adventurous ride or a comfortable, long-distance journey.

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  • Speed and Lightness

  • Despite their sturdiness for off-road use, gravel ebikes are surprisingly fast and lighter than their mountain or trekking counterparts. This makes them a great choice for riders who want to maintain significant speed, like 20 mph (ca. 32 km/h), without compromising on the ability to handle diverse terrains.

  • Simplified Suspension 

  • Most gravel ebikes do away with front or rear suspension, a testament to their design philosophy of simplicity and efficiency. This feature underscores their suitability for varied but not extreme terrains. Although there is also the possibility of mounting a suspension fork in some cases.

  • Built for the Long Haul

  • Gravel ebikes are designed to excel on unpaved surfaces, from rough trails to smooth gravel roads, and even some single track segments. They are not just about tackling challenging terrains; they're about endurance and versatility. Equipped with extra mounts for accessories, these bikes are ready for long rides in remote areas or multi-day bikepacking adventures.

    All these features make gravel ebikes the most versatile electric bikes currently available on the market. Since they allow you to have a bike suitable for your daily commute that becomes a real arrow for your weekend outings.

    In addition, at Crow Bicycles, we offer the possibility to customize your ebike to your liking and choose between different types of handlebars, saddle, seatpost, wheels or stem length. 

    5 factors you should consider when personalizing your gravel ebike

    Personalizing your gravel ebike can transform it from a mere mode of transportation to a true extension of your riding style and preferences. 

    At Crow Bicycles, we believe in giving riders the freedom to tailor their bikes to fit their unique needs. So, here are some key factors to consider when customizing your gravel ebike:

    1. Handlebars

    The type and handlebar width can significantly impact your riding experience. At Crow, we understand that every rider is different, so we offer a variety of handlebars, from traditional drop bars that offer an aerodynamic advantage to flat bars that provide a more upright and relaxed posture. 

    So when you set out to customize your gravel ebike, consider your riding style: do you prioritize speed and versatility, or comfort and control? Your choice of handlebars can redefine your ride.

    1. Saddle

    A saddle is more than just a seat; it's where the majority of your body weight rests while riding. That’s why, at Crow, we offer a range of saddles designed for different riding style and comfort needs.

    The Essax Eon Cr, for example, is ideal for road cyclists who prefer a more static riding position, offering tailored support and comfort for longer, smoother rides. While, the Essax Era Cr is designed to accommodate more dynamic riding styles, making it a versatile choice for those who navigate mixed terrains and require a saddle that adapts to various positions.

    1. Type of fork

    All our gravel ebikes at Crow Bicycles come equipped with a carbon fork, meticulously chosen for its ability to absorb terrain irregularities and provide a more comfortable ride.

    But for those looking for an even more tailored ride, we also offer the option to upgrade to a suspension fork. In this case, you can choose between the SR Suntour GVX, known for its versatility and reliability, and the RockShox Rudy Ultimate XPLR, which excels in lightweight performance and advanced damping.

    1. Wheelset

    Wheels significantly influence your bike's traction and handling. But, moreover, the weight of bike wheels affects acceleration and climbing ease, with lighter wheels offering agility and heavier ones providing stability.

    At Crow Bicycles, we offer three wheelset choices: Shimano MT500 Wheels, that are durable and perfect for varied terrains; Fulcrum RR 900s, which offer a balance of performance and lightness prioritizing speed and agility; and E-Racing 4 Extra Load caters to those seeking robustness for heavier loads, ensuring stability and reliability.

    1. Stem Length

    The length of the stem influences your bike's steering and overall handling. A longer stem offers more stability, especially at higher speeds, while a shorter stem makes the bike more responsive and agile

    At Crow Bicycles, you can choose the stem length that best suits your riding style and comfort level and, of course, your morphology.

    Because, at Crow, we believe that every ebike should be as unique as its owner.

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