If we were just an eBike brand, we would be failing and not fulfilling our vision: To shake up the cycling experience through innovative, accessible and sustainable  solutions. 

From our very beginning, we were ready to change the status quo of the bicycle industry by exclusively providing ultra-lightweight, high-performance electric bicycles directly to the consumer, with no intermediaries.

We were the first premium bicycle brand born by global crowdfunding by introducing our first high-performance eGravel bike. We were born 100% digital and, at the same time, we set out to transform the way people use bikes and provide new bike experiences, without neglecting technological development, part of Crow Bicycles' DNA.

But why did we choose Crow as our brand name? We'll tell you here...

Why "Crow" as a name for our brand of ultralight eBikes?

Crows are fascinating, mysterious, and majestic. 

why crow bicycles
  • They are great unknown, agile, light and one of the most intelligent animals in the world.
  • They even use tools, solve complex problems, and keep learning new things their whole lives.
  • They have a complex language, have a lot of memory, take care of other crows that can be sick or injured.
  • They have fun and social relationships, and they also like to be alone.
  • As we know, they are very agile and light animals.

Crows are part of the ecosystem:

  • Perfectly integrated with the environment.
  • Adaptative, they adapt quickly to all the situations.
  • They are all around the world; they have a presence on all the continents

But above all, crows are very attractive because of their mystery... With an important presence in literature and, more currently, in cinema and television, many cultures and religions have always venerated them throughout history: in Buddhism, they signify "protection"; for the Egyptians, crows were identified with "fidelity" and in China, they have always been a symbol of "masculinity". Also, for the Celtic culture, the crow was identified with "speed" and, we cannot forget the Persians and the Scandinavian culture, where we find Odin, known as the Crow God, always represented with his two crows: Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory).

The crow and the riders, a perfect symbiosis.

Surely many of the aspects mentioned above are familiar to you.Yes! It's incredible how much crows and cyclists have in common.

They are on every continent, they solve unexpected problems, they go out in groups or individually, they are in every corner of the planet, cyclists adapt easily to situations (on the road, in the mountains, in the city, on gravel terrain...), they are agile, they are fun.... 

That's why we chose Crow as the perfect name for our eBike brand, so crows inspire us in many of the things we do every day at Crow.

Another day, we'll tell you about how the colors of our ultralight eBikes are based on the plumage colors of crows.


Crow Bicycles

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