Touring Pack

$296.00 USD

This pack turns any Crow Gravital SL or UL into a perfect Touring machine. Solid but light rear racks, wide light mudguards to accommodate gravel tires, and a powerful set of specific eBike front and rear integrated lights. All together will make your Crow a fantastic tool for Cyclo-touring or Randonneuring enthusiasts.

The kit includes:

  • XLS/Tubus aluminum rear rack up to 25kg
  • SKS Mudguards
  • ≥70 Lux e-Bike specific front light (Busch+Müller/Buchel/XLS depending on availability)
  • eBike specific rear light (Busch+Müller/Buchel/XLS depending on availability)
  • Fazua Connector Box 12v for eBike lights integration
  • Installation and software activation of the Fazua lights output
  • The kit will come installed from our assembly line, but some parts could be detached from the bike for safety and transportation reasons.
*The kit is not compatible with the Urbe SL models.
**The kit installation may increase the estimated shipping time up to 7-10 days.