A Surprising eGravel

Risbar, the eGravel with Riser Handlebar

At Crow, we never stand still, and our minds are always pondering what the best eBike for you could be. Moreover, our passion for Gravel knows no bounds, which led us to take another twist on our models and create an eGravel with a riser handlebar.

It's a different concept of eBike aimed at achieving a more upright riding position, increasing comfort during the ride. Additionally, with a wider handlebar, your control over the bike will be even greater, even in the most challenging terrains.

Gravital Risbar SL

Experience the smooth ride with our bike's carbon fork, expertly designed to absorb vibrations and offer unparalleled precision in handling. For those seeking an extra layer of comfort and control across all terrains, consider opting for our upgraded suspension forks. Tailor your ride to perfection.

With only 15 kg of weight and an enviable motor performance, you'll have an incredible machine that breaks all the established norms.

With 11 speeds and a 42t cassette (depending on versions), you have endless possibilities for use, allowing nothing to hold you back.

Additionally, the Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor pack features an advanced system that internally decouples the motor when not in use, allowing you to pedal in muscle mode and have access to its 58 Nm of torque whenever you need it.

So, whether with assistance or without, no hill will be able to resist you.