Durable eBikes

Designed to tackle anything

Without a doubt, the highest and strictest testing standards in the bicycle industry to measure the durability and toughness of a frame are those used for mountain bikes. That's why, when we launched an eGravel as our first bicycle, capable of withstanding even the most challenging trails, we decided that it would also be our standard.

Based on the results we achieved, we decided to maintain the same standards of quality and resilience for the rest of our bike categories.

In fact, all our eBike models have far exceeded the thousands of cycles of fatigue and impact tests they underwent in the laboratories, obtaining the highest approval and certification from mountain bike testing.

Whether you're on a weekend trip with friends, commuting to work daily, or heading out for a gravel ride, Crow bikes can handle it all..

Testing Standard: EN 174040: 2019 EPAC-MTB

Battle Tested

Furthermore, we don't just rely on laboratory tests, but we go even further. We also field-test our eBikes in every imaginable condition before launching them into the market, and all our models have surpassed the challenge without hesitation.

That's why we can confidently state that Crow bicycles are prepared to ride in any type of conditions and terrain.