Only 15.2 kg / 33.5 lb. Fazua Ride 50 Trail removable motor
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The Risbar SL 3 is the latest evolution in our Gravital Risbar series, offering an enhanced riding experience for eGravel enthusiasts. Inspired by the success of the Gravital Risbar SL 4, this new model brings notable improvements while maintaining the core attributes of versatility and performance that define our range.

The bike is outfitted with the 11-speed reliable Shimano Cues shifter and rear derailleur, ensuring smooth and efficient gear changes. This system, combined with the Shimano SLX cassette's 11-42 range, offers riders a wide spectrum of gears to tackle various terrains effortlessly. The 11-speed configuration is designed to provide a more responsive and engaging ride, whether climbing steep trails or cruising on flat roads, you will find always the perfect cadence.

In keeping with the Gravital tradition, the Risbar SL 3 is remarkably lightweight, thanks to the ultra-light Fazua Ride 50 Trail system. Weighing just 15,2 kg (33.5 lb), it redefines the expectations for eGravel bike weight, offering unmatched agility and ease of handling. This lightness significantly enhances the bike's performance, making it a joy to ride on any route.

The Schwalbe G-One Bite tires, in a 700x40 size, are a key feature of the Risbar SL 3. They are specially chosen for their versatility and performance across different surfaces. These tires provide excellent low rolling resistance for efficient movement and are equipped with specialized shoulder treads for improved cornering stability. This tire choice ensures a confident and enjoyable ride in all conditions.

The Risbar SL 3 stands as a unique fusion between an ultra-light eMTB and a conventional eGravel bike. It offers the stability and control typical of a mountain bike, blended with the swiftness and lightness of an eGravel bike. This combination results in a bike that adapts seamlessly to diverse riding conditions, delivering an exhilarating cycling experience.

The Risbar SL 3 is more than just an eBike; it's a versatile companion for any cycling adventure. It invites riders to explore new paths, challenge their limits, and enjoy the thrill of cycling in its purest, most exhilarating form. This bike is designed for those who seek to expand their horizons and experience the joy of eGravel biking in a whole new way.

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Weight: 15.2 kg / 33.5 lb

Material: Aluminium Frame / Carbon Fork


Crow Geometry Metric

Bike Features

▪ WEIGHT: 15.2 kg / 33.5 lb

▪ FRAME: Crow Gravital SL Alloy


▪ SHIFTERS: Shimano Cues SL-U6000 11s

▪ BRAKES: Shimano MT201

▪ DISC ROTORS: Shimano SM-RT10 160mm

▪ RD: Shimano Cues RD-U6020 SGS 11s

▪ FD: w/o.

▪ CASSETTE: Shimano SLX 11-42 11s

▪ CHAIN: Shimano CN-HG601 11 speed

▪ MOTOR: Fazua Ride 50 Trail

▪ CRANKS: Miranda Classic Plus

▪ CHAIN RINGS: Miranda 38T

▪ WHEELS: Shimano MT-500

▪ TIRES: Schwalbe G-One Bite

▪ TIRE SIZE: 700x40

▪ HANDLEBAR: Ritchey Comp Rizer 740x20

▪ GRIP: Ritchey Comp True Grip X

▪ STEM: Ritchey 4-Axis or Comp Trail

▪ SEATPOST: Ritchey 2B

▪ SADDLE: Essax Eón Steel

Include a Free Premium Torqratchet tool

Test Review
Test Review
If you have doubts between having an e-gravel or a stadard one, I would take a look at the 2-in-1 that offers Crow. The help of this electric is less 'beast' and more natural than other e-bikes, we don't need a motorcycle, we want a little help at times, and that is what offers us.
Test Review
The Gravital Risbar has a double height handlebar, mtb type, which makes things easier when riding in difficult areas giving you a greater sense of security. If you have never ridden an eBike before, you will be amazed at how helpful you will feel, it is like riding with a tailwind at all times.