Warranty & Guarantee


The user, as a consumer and user, enjoys warranties on the products that can be purchased through this website, in the terms legally established for each type of product. 

6 years


Crow Bicycles extends the guarantee period up to 6 years in total both in Europe, USA, and Canada in all its bicycles:

▪ For possible defects of structural material or manufacturing defects in frames and forks from the date of invoice, including stays and chainstays for bikes with double suspension.

▪ Does not include suspension forks and suspension parts.

▪ In Europe, components and accessories of "3rd party" brands will have the legal warranty applied in each territory unless expressly indicated by the manufacturer in cases of the extended guarantee. Please, in the US "3rd party" components (e.g. SRAM, Shimano, Ritchey, or Fazua) are warrantied directly by that manufacturer. In this case, you have the possibility to contact the brand or manufacturer of the product directly to find out how to exercise your legal warranty rights.

▪ Only for the first user/owner (this does not apply to subsequent owners).

▪ Only for defects in material and workmanship that existed at the time of delivery.

▪ Does not include paint and graphics 

▪ Rebuilding cost, shipping, and possible customs may be charged if applicable. Please contact us in case of Warranty/Guarantee to know the specific market conditions.


The products are deemed to be in conformity with the contract provided that:

They conform to the description made by Crow and possess the qualities presented on the website.

They are suitable for the uses for which products of the same type are normally intended.

They present the usual quality and performance of a product of the same type and which are fundamental to be expected of the same.

When this is not the case with respect to the products delivered to the user, the user shall proceed as indicated in the section "Return".

Some of the products that are marketed on the website or other marketing assets could present non- homogeneous characteristics as long as these derive from the type of material with which it has been manufactured, and therefore, will be part of the individual appearance of the product, and are not a defect.


Whoever the warranty right is exercised with, the user must have kept all the information regarding the warranty of the products (invoice).

To request the guarantee, please fill in the form and submit it with all the information.

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