Electric Gravel bicycles

Crow's Gravel eBikes are versatile, lightweight, and durable bicycles designed to conquer both cycling paths and mountain trails.

Unlimited fun awaits

Sitting somewhere between an eMTB and an electric road bike, eGravel bikes offer a wide range of options for unforgettable experiences.

Crow's Gravel eBikes can roll perfectly without assistance, and they also provide the option to use the electric pack for even more enjoyment during weekend rides and bikepacking adventures.

Crow Gravital eBikes

Our range of Gravel eBikes, Crow Gravital, is a testament to absolute versatility.An ultra lightweight electric bicycle that feels at home drafting behind a peloton on the asphalt, exploring hidden corners in the mountains, or swiftly crossing through the city.Designed so that you can install different transportation solutions or even transform it into a motor- and battery-free bicycle in a matter of seconds. You decide where and how you want to ride


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