A new way to ride

Gravel Drop Bar

One of the standout features of gravel riding, in addition to its versatility, is its ability to bring back forgotten sensations with a fresh approach.

The Gravel Drop Bar is wider than a conventional road handlebar, providing greater control over the bike in mountainous terrain. It also offers different hand positions and grip zones to enhance comfort during the ride.

Gravital UL

Crow Gravital UL is a range of ultra lightweight eBikes that relies on cutting-edge technology and materials to offer you a bike that allows you to take control of the situation, feel what's happening around you, and maximize your performance.

With powerful gear ratios and disc brakes, you can stop the world whenever you want and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Oh... and with the option to rely on pedal assistance that, thanks to its removable motor, you can selectively use whenever you desire..

Gravital SL

The Gravital Super Light (SL) range, with an aluminum frame and carbon fork, encompasses all the virtues of a lightweight central motor eGravel at an unbeatable price.

Its multiple frame and fork attachment points cater to all types of transportation needs and provide an excellent starting point for planning any adventure.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of accessories to customize your eGravel bike according to your needs and budget, all while maintaining the versatility and high-quality components that characterize the entire range.