Removable Motor

Power, only when you need it or you want it

All Crow eBikes come with a removable motor and battery package from the German brand Fazua-Porsche.

Fazua Ride 50 Trail system is one of the lightest mid-drive electric systems in the industry and seamlessly integrates into the frame of Crow eBikes. This allows our eBikes to maintain agility in handling and retain an unassisted appearance.

The electric package of all Crow eBikes includes:

  • Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor weighing 1.8 kg/ 3.97 lbs, with a torque of 58 Nm.
  • Fazua Energy 250X battery of 1.4kg/3.08 lbs composed of Samsung 35E cells in a 10S2P arrangement with a capacity of 252 Wh (7000mAh) at 36V and a range of up to 90 km/54 mi.
  • Drivepack (motor and battery pack): 3.2kg / 7.05 lbs.

The Fazua Ride 50 Trail system is a compact electric system that can be easily removed and reattached. So, when you need to charge the battery, you can simply detach it and plug it in anywhere.

Feel like riding your Crow without motor assistance? No problem. Remove the motor and battery pack, fill the gap with our Down Tube Cover storage cover, and enjoy your Crow in traditional style.

Pedal Assist Modes

The Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor allows you to choose from three different levels of pedal assistance.

Level 1 - Breeze


The Light Power Assist mode provides 100 watts of assistance. It offers a smooth and consistent power output, simulating the feeling of riding with a strong tailwind

Level 2 - River


The Medium Power Assist mode offers a more sporty riding experience by providing progressive assistance aligned with your cadence and output power. With over 210 watts of assistance, it delivers power equivalent to your pedaling rhythm.

Level 3 - Rocket


High Power Assist extends a helping hand during the most challenging moments, even with moderate user power input. With its 250 watts of assistance, you'll be able to conquer climbs that you once thought were unreachable.