New Forgotten


If there is something that stands out about gravel and its versatility, it can rescue forgotten sensations but with a new approach.

Gravital UL

With the Crow Gravital, you have under control the situation again. You feel what is happening around you and enjoy the sensations like never before. But now, with the latest generation materials, powerful disc brakes to help you stop the world whenever you want, and transmission gears that allow you to overcome any challenge you set for yourself.

Oh, and most importantly, with pedal assistance that you can use whenever you want, thanks to the extraordinary lightness of the Crow Gravital.

Gravital SL

The Gravital SL range, with an aluminum frame and carbon fork, has all the virtues of a lightweight mid-motor eGravel at an unbeatable price. Its multiple mounting points on the frame and fork, for all kinds of transport needs, or even the installation of fenders, offer you an excellent starting point to plan any adventure.

A variety of trims will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs and your pocket, but always, with the same versatility of our entire range and the quality of a product at the highest level.