Urban commuter

The New Era
of Mobility

Crow Gravital Urbe

The Gravital Urbe is prepared to be a tireless, comfortable, and fun tool to devour everything that comes your way in your day-to-day life.

Lead the pack of new mobility with style and efficiency, thanks to the Crow Gravital Urbe.

Gravital Urbe SL

This Urban eBike integrates a rear rack, riser handlebar, and mudguards, which allow you to have a more upright and comfortable stance to move freely around the city carrying packages and take the bike up the stairs to your home... It weighs only 15.7 kg, setting a benchmark in the category.

The versatility of this bicycle takes on a new meaning for those who are still looking for more extraordinary lightness. Its motor and battery can be removed entirely in seconds, reducing its weight by 3 Kg net once the optional cover, that replaces the motor+battery set, is installed. You can use this cover to keep inside tools, food, or even a light rain jacket.