More than a bike,
a statement of intent

Crow Gravital Urbe

An tireless, comfortable, and fun tool to conquer everything that you have to face in your daily life.

Lead the pack of the new urban mobility with your Crow Gravital Urbe.

Gravital Urbe SL

An urban eBike with a dual-height handlebar to achieve a more upright and comfortable position, fenders to protect you from splashes on rainy days, and a rear rack that allows you to carry everything you need throughout the day.

Moreover, weighing only 15.7 kg, you can easily carry it up to your home or office, even up the stairs.

You can also remove the motor and battery to transform it into a bike that is 3 kg lighter, using the cover that replaces the electric pack to store tools, snacks, or a lightweight jacket.

Thanks to its removable motor, you decide when you want to sweat and when you don't.