Crafting together the
eBike of your dreams

We assist you in customizing your eBike. Choose from different types of handlebars, saddles, wheels, chainrings, colors... to configure a bicycle 100% tailored to your needs

A Gravel expert available for you

We help you decide which configuration best
suits your needs and address any questions you may have.

30 days to return your Crow, no questions asked.

We're confident that once you try it, it will become the eBike of your dreams, so much so that we give you 30 days to return
it at no cost.


Premium & lightweight electric bicycles
for trails, cities and roads

A brand for cyclists,
created by cyclists

Electric bicycles with their own character

We don't know if it's their extraordinary lightness, their great versatility, or the fact that they provide a completely natural riding experience, but the truth is, our eBike models pleasantly surprise everyone who tries them.

What do our customers say?
Machine arrived beautifully packed

"Machine arrived beautifully packed and was simple to complete the assembly.
Impressive riding handling characteristics and the ability to tailor the Fauza motor profile to exact riding needs.
Looking forward to having some extended riding now the Crow is ready to fly..."
— D Webber
Great support

"I especially liked the advice I received about the bike I wanted to buy (size, components, etc.). You can tell that they are professionals and cycling lovers. As for the bike, a marvel. Tremendously ergonomic, especially the handlebars, not very aesthetic, but very comfortable. Very light weight, efficient tires on asphalt and gravel roads and with the engine pushing as much as necessary (breeze mode). Perfect packaging and easy assembly."
— Jose Miguel
Completed the Portugese Camino on Gravital SL4

"I was able to specify a touring setup for my Gravital bike and David fitted it with the pannier carrier I required. My son is a very strong rider and he set a blistering pace for our ride. Thanks to the pedal assist and light weight of the Crow bicycle I was able to keep up with him over a considerable distance.
During the tour I was able to communicate directly with Crow whenever I needed assistance to learn new features and overcome any problems.
Crow bicyles provides excellent personalized service that cannot be matched by the large conglomerates. They have a unique product and offer timely support."
— David
Crow Gravital UL 2 LTD

"I bought the Crow Gravital UL 2 LTD and am absolutely convinced and would buy it again at any time. Components can be customized after ordering. (cassette, wheels, handlebars) My handlebar was changed for a carbon version free of charge, and there was a T-shirt and other gimmicks in the box as a gift. (Thanks David) The bike is awesome. Of course it suits me perfectly now. Shipping time is about three days. All you have to do is add the front wheel, the saddle and the handlebar and then you have a gravel bike that is perfect for me. Everything from the order to the finished bike deserves five stars here!"
— Thomas
As the crow flies ..... to England

"Although I’ve not ridden far yet this is my first gravel bike in over 50 years of riding all types of different bikes, the geometry feels great and the riding position good too, ready for all sorts of adventures. Of course, the bike simply looks gorgeous too and has completely met my expectations in this department as well as the quality of finish and details."
— A Warn
The experts say about us
There are many areas in which the Crow Gravital e-bike was impressive; the geometry, handling and comfort, all of which are better than any other e-gravel bikes I've tested. The frame quality is excellent and with no noise from the battery connection, the frame tolerance on the fitment appears to be very good.
— off
"We are thrilled that with this ultralight eBike you can follow a peloton on the asphalt, explore remote places, or fly through the city. Moreover, you can turn it into a conventional bike, without motor or battery, in a matter of seconds."
— Ciclosfera, Spain
"This new E-Gravel bike does something no other can. This Crow can fly — with or without electric power."
— Gear Patrol, USA
"...competitive electric gravel bikes, with high quality equipment and available at reasonable prices."
— Pedelecs & eBikes, Germany
"With assistance, although it does not look like it because of its appearance, and with the Crow and its soft support provided by Fazua, you will always have a slight favorable breeze whenever you want it."
— Mundo Gravel, Spain
"Their geometry figures point towards more of an all-road gravel bike than a slack adventure machine"
— Road CC, UK
"An ‘in-betweener’ off-road ebike with subtle, natural assist"
— Cycle Volta, USA
"This is not just an e-bike; this is an ultralight performance eGravel machine with an unprecedented versatility that doesn’t sacrifice performance."
— Pez Cycling News, Canada
"Considered amongst the full gamut of electric bikes, the Crow Gravital UL 1 LTD certainly sits at the lighter end of the spectrum"
— New Atlas, Australia
"Crow's Gravital Urbe eBike, that extends its abilities further than your typical urban eBike, has the goods needed to take over your urban cycling could change your everyday life"
— Autoevolution
"...lightweight eGravel bikes under 14 kg with a very attractive retail price."
— eBike News, Germany
"The Crow Gravital range, record weights!"
— BIKE Magazine
"Crow Bicycles all-new ultralight performance gravel e-bike(s) flies under our radar with very sexy images of their first e-gravel bike"
— Bike Rumor, USA