The road eBike
that takes your road ride further.

Enjoy more kilometers on the road and discover new places with the support of your Crow Pace SL... Because when we love something, it's never enough.

Boost your performance

Thanks to the removable motor of our electric bikes, you can push your training to the limit with the assurance that you'll get the support you need, exactly when you need it.

Enhance your experience

Experience Sunday bike rides with a new perspective full of opportunities.

With the Gravital Pace SL, you can ride in muscle mode until you get tired, and when that happens, use the magic of pedal-assist to recover and keep going or return home with peace of mind.

You can also rely on pedal-assist to go the extra mile and ride even faster on days when you have limited time and want to fully enjoy the road.

Gravital Pace SL

A road eBike that feels like you've been riding it your whole life.

Its comfortable geometry allows you to cover long distances, and its 700x30 slick tires make rough roads feel like child's play.

In addition, the Gravital Pace SL features a narrower and more aerodynamic handlebar compared to others, allowing you to maximize its potential.

Thanks to the removable Fazua Ride 50 motor, you can convert your road eBike into a conventional bicycle in seconds, reducing the weight by 3 kg whenever you desire.

All the options you're looking for in a single bike.