Take Your Road
Riding Further

We designed the Crow Gravital Pace eBike to enhance your road cycling experience. Take your ride even further and discover new places. You will get the right support on the climbs, just when you need it.

Gravital Pace SL

With the Crow Gravital Pace SL eBike you can train hard on the road. You can remove the battery completely or test your fitness using the lowest assistance mode.

To Infinity and Beyond...

It's time to discover a new approach to your Sunday bike rides. A new understanding in which you have multiple possibilities of use and enjoyment. You can ride until you get tired and then use the magic of the pedal assistance, taking a breath to continue battling later or return home easily. Or you can go out with pedal assistance on those days when you have little time and want to enjoy yourself to the fullest; go as far as possible as fast as you can. With the Crow Gravital Pace, you can go to infinity and beyond...

Gravital Pace SL

Our commitment is to build a bicycle to make you feel that you have spent your whole life on it. A comfortable geometry that will allow you to travel long distances, slick tires with a generous size in 700x30 so that flying on rough roads is a piece of cake, and a narrower and more closed handlebar to optimize aerodynamics when you get the most out of it. A perfect pack for you to ride without limits.

And as in all our Crow with the Fazua Ride 50 motor, you can turn, in seconds, your eBike into a bicycle without a motor or battery but 3 kg lighter.

All the options you are looking for in a single bike.