Our Crew Will Change
the Riding Game

Our mission

To revolutionize the cycling experience with disruptive, innovative and accessible solutions.

Crow is not just a bicycle brand, Crow is change. Change in the business model, in mobility, in social evolution, in consumer habits.

We want you to experience cycling in a different way, with our ultralight eBike that allows you to ride with a natural feeling of controlled assistance, whenever you need it.

Our goal is to change the rules of the game by offering products that meet the needs of those riders who want an eBike without sacrificing handling and the ability to ride unassisted, those who only want to use pedal assist when they choose to. We are evolving the eBike concept to build versatile, ultra-lightweight bikes to get more people on bikes. We want to shake up the cycling experience with disruptive business models and technologies. The first step is to equip riders with high-end, state-of-the-art eBikes that help them perform at their best and make them smile on every ride.

"Crow is focused on creating premium bicycles for cyclists, by cyclists."
— David Toledo, Crow Bicycles CEO
"The world is increasingly accessible by bike. We want to lead the transition to global micromobility, with sustainable and versatile solutions."
— Patricia García, Crow Bicycles PR & Communications
"Crow inspires me as it represents mysticism, mystery, power, balance, socialization... but, above all, it means fun"
— Willy Losa, Crow Bicycles CMO
"We create unique high-end eBikes assembled entirely in Europe, with premium components and meticulously controlling the entire process in house."
— Jose Luis Cuñado, Crow Bicycles Production Manager

The Crow Family

Crow´s team is formed by outstanding and recognized professionals from Spain and USA, led by David Toledo as CEO and founder.
All group members have an extensive international background experience working with major brands in the cycling and sports sector.
They also have more than 16 years of experience developing successful online direct sales business models within the bicycle sector.

"Every kilometer cycled is a victory for Crow, for humanity and for the planet. We want to make this world a better place, two wheels at a time." The Crow Team


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