The rules of the game
have changed

Our mission

To evolve the concept of eBikes until we achieve bicycles that are so lightweight and versatile that more and more people are willing to ride them.

If we had to explain what Crow is in one word, we would choose CHANGE.

Change in the business model, change in mobility, change in consumer habits, and change in sensations.

Because we want you to be the one who decides how you want to ride at any given moment, without being burdened by the weight of your bike or giving up the advantages of assisted pedaling.

And we are ready to revolutionize the cycling world to make it happen.

The first step is to equip cyclists with state-of-the-art eBikes that help them perform at their best and bring a smile to their faces on every ride.

Do you feel like being one of them?

"Crow is focused on creating premium bicycles for cyclists, by cyclists."
— David Toledo, Crow Bicycles CEO
"The world is increasingly accessible by bike. We want to lead the transition to global micromobility, with sustainable and versatile solutions."
— Patricia García, Crow Bicycles PR & Communications
"Crow inspires me as it represents mysticism, mystery, power, balance, socialization... but, above all, it means fun"
— Willy Losa, Crow Bicycles CMO
"We create unique high-end eBikes assembled entirely in Europe, with premium components and meticulously controlling the entire process in house."
— Jose Luis Cuñado, Crow Bicycles Production Manager

The Crow Family

Crow´s team is formed by of professionals with extensive experience in the cycling industry, led by David Toledo (cyclist, CEO, and founder of Crow). All team members have worked for leading bicycle brands in both the USA and Europe, with over 15 years of experience in developing direct-to-consumer business models within the industry.

"Every kilometer traveled on a bicycle is a victory for Crow, for humanity, and for the planet. We want to make this world a better place, two wheels at a time."

The Crow Team


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