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Where is Crow based?

Our commitment is to try to reduce these times as much as possible, this is why we work with regional warehouses with stock and components brands with better delivery times.

Crow is an international brand, with offices in Europe.

Where are the bikes assembled/manufactured? Where are the components comming from?

The components are coming mainly from the EU, also from the US, Japan and China. Painting, assembling and shipping will be full done in our production plant in Europe. We want to have close quality control. All the bicycles will be sent directly from our factory to all users in Europe and North America.

Where can I see Crow? Can I test-ride it ?

Crow Bicycles is a brand Direct to Consumer (D2C), exclusively on - line. We are working on developing a Test Rides Calendar. Stay tuned for updates.

Why is it called Crow?

Why not? Crows are súper cool, don’t you think so? But on top of that, we are fascinated with them. The Crows are one of the smartest animals in the world and you can find them almost in every place on earth. They understand physical laws, they use tools and they have a pretty complex language and social relationships, they take care about their fellows and surprisingly they like to have fun playing in groups or alone; do you feel identified with them as a cyclist? We do.

Have Crow a non e-version bikes?

We don't have a non e-version, we are electric!  But all of our eBikes can be used with or without the motor and battery pack, this way you can choose if you want to have an eBike or a non eBike. 

Where can I check the bike category classification?

To better understand the classification of bicycle conditions of use, we have created the following page with all the relevant information regarding the international regulations.

Classification for Bicycle Usage

Parts & Accesories

What size tires does it fit?

The Crow gravel, urban and trekking bikes are designed to fit tires up to 700x50c or 650x2,25”.

Is there room for a water bottle mount?

Yes, there are two mounts for bottle cages on the main triangle, one located on the down tube and one on the seat sube. You can also find mounting points on each blade of the fork, where you can install bottle cages or bag cages for bikepacking purposes.

Are there mounting points for fenders and a rack?

Yes, you can find mounting points for fenders and racks in the fork and in the rear triangle.

Can I put my Crow on a car rack? Can you remove the wheels if you need to put it in a car?

You can put your Crow on a car rack but be sure to use bike racks compatible with carbon frames. Otherwise, you can over-tight the rack arm and damage the frame and invalidate your frame warranty. If you are going to use a car rack attached to the bicycle fork, be sure that is compatible with 12x100mm thru-axles.

Will there be a belt drive option?

We know that for certain uses a belt can work, but we are looking for a reliable system and this means something that you can easily fix in the middle of a bike ride or almost at any workshop around the globe if you are traveling with your Crow bike. You could find it on future Crow models mainly for urban and fitness use.

What is the rider weight limit for my Crow?

The weight limit for the Crow frames and forks is 136 kg (300 lbs). rider and bike fully loaded, wearing all the clothes, helmet, shoes and frame with water bottles, and all the bikepacking solutions installed. But you have to take into consideration that Ritchey components are limited by the manufacturer at 110 kg (242 lbs).

How do I get replacement parts? Where can I buy spare parts and accessories?

Spare parts like gear hangers and some accessories be available on our website www.crowbicycles.com One of our goals is to provide you a perfect user experience, thi is the reason why Crow bicycles are assembled with well known brands that you can find worldwide, this way you should be able to find the same spare part or compatible in almost any bike shop online or near by you. But if you can’t, please do not hesitate to write to us through our contact form on our website and we will do our best to help you.


What range can you get?

UNLIMITED - with pedaling. It pedals just like a normal bike. With pedal assist, the range is up to 90Km /54 Miles of assisted riding. Range figures are estimates and not a guarantee that you will achieve them. Range can vary significantly with: elevation, terrain surface, rider weight, pedal assist level and even temperature…

What is the weight of the bicycle?

The weight of the lightest version will be around 28,7 lb./13kg in size 53. Bike weight without battery-motor pack as low as 10 Kg / 22 lb. Weights may vary depending on the bike size and color. 

What motor and battery has my Crow?

All our eBikes Crow have the same German Fazua motor pack that includes:

A Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor, with a torque of 58Nm. and a 1.4kg/3.08 lbs Fazua Energy 250X battery.

The battery is composed of Samsung 35E cells in a 10S2P arrangement offering a capacity of 252Wh (7000mAh) at 36V, with a range of up to 90km/54mi.

Motor power: it is standardized under the EPAC (EU) / Class 1 (US), it has 250W of nominal power in thermal balance.

Fazua System is extremely versatile: you can ride them with or without the battery and motor pack. 

Can you ride it in the rain? Is the bike water resistant?

Yes, of course, the best riding experiences happen in the rain and mud 😉. All the Fazua system is sealed and protected from the exposition to the elements, and the battery pack is secured under multiple layers of hard plastic and metallic cases for maximum protection, so nothing to worry about. There is also an advantage of the front mount, the motor has a heat dissipator that receives a direct air flow keeping the motor temperature under control.

The bike and all the parts are water resistant and tested for on and off road use. But in order to keep your bike in perfect riding conditions, we firmly recommend you to do some maintenance after riding under ranny or muddy conditions. We encourage you to clean your bike with biodegradable cleaning products for bicycles, dry it carefully, in special the battery and motor contact points, and once everything has properly cleaned and dried, apply biodegradable chain oil and keep the excess with a rag.

Please have a look at the Fazua video for the required maintenance after riding under rain, wet or muddy conditions in this link: https://youtu.be/iQtu_ss4iBs

I don't see the battery for the Crow. Where is it?

The battery is seamlessly integrated inside of the main tube, in a pack together with the motor and you can remove it in seconds to be charged or replaced with the hollow storage tube that transforms your eBike into a non eBike.

How can I remove and charge the battery?

To charge the battery you just have to unlock the battery with the key supplied, press slightly the battery against the frame with one hand to reduce the pressure on the locking system and release the battery locker pulling the integrated lever with the other hand. While keeping the integrated lever pulled, release the pressure over the battery and you should feel that the battery gets out of the frame. Once you have the top part of your battery pack out of the frame, you can detach the battery from the bottom part of the frame and take it with you for charging.

To charge it, just plug the charger to any domestic plug socket and then plug the magnetic connector to the battery.

How long does the battery take to charge?

The battery is fully charged after 3-4 hours and just after 2 hours 80% of the charge level has already been reached.

If you are not going to use your Crow bicycle just after fully charging the battery, charge it to approximately 60%. This means 3 to 4 LED lights on the charge control indicator near the charging port.


Can I use a different charger to charge the battery?

The battery can only be recharged using the original Fazua charger

How to prepare the battery for storage during winter?

For winter storage, we recommend first charging the battery to 60%. It should then be checked after max. 3 months, better still after 2 months. If the charge is below 20%, recharge it to 60%.

Does it damage the battery if I don’t recharge it fully?

Quite the contrary. It is optimal for the service life of a lithium-ion battery to operate it in the range of 30 to 80% charge. Studies by the cell manufacturer have shown that the service life of a cell increases significantly if it is not fully charged. If a battery pack is always charged to only 80%, the service life doubles because the high voltage range, which puts particular strain on the cell chemistry, is avoided.

When does the risk of deep discharging arise?

If the battery is not used for too long when empty. It can then often be unrepairable. THIS IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY!

Can I load my cell phone or some other device on the bike?

We are working on that.

How do I transport a second battery?

The second battery should not be carried in the water bottle cage because it could get damaged in the event of a fall. It is best to purchase FAZUA Battery Bag or carry it in a backpack

How do I dispose of the battery?

A lithium-ion battery is a hazardous material that must be taken to a collection point for disposal or, alternatively , you can ask your trusted dealer for assistance

Can I travel with the bike / battery?

If you are traveling by car, we request that you remove the drive pack from the bike and install our down tube cover in its placeIf you are flying, you cannot take our battery with you on a passenger flight.There are currently two options if you want to take your Fazua bike with you on vacation:Send your own battery ahead to your destination via post and air freight. Contact a certified partner of Fazua at your destination and ask for a loan battery. You can find a map of all dealers here: https://fazua.com/de/service/find-dealer/

Will the charger work with 120V and 220V outlets around the world?

 NO, the fazua charger is exclusive for every market with the right plug and voltage.

How much maintenance does the motor require?

The motor does not require any specific maintenance, just be sure to keep clean the motor connectors and the contact surface with the bottom bracket.

Where I can to buy a new battery? Can I buy a universal one?

Fazua has the battery as a spare part in case you would need a new one or even if you just want to have two, for really long rides with a lot of pedal assistance demand. It just weighs 3 pounds (1.33kg) and you can even find special bags to fix it to your frame. Changing the battery takes seconds.

How many levels of pedal assist have your Crow?

Four Modes: No assistance (white leds) Breeze (100w) (green) River (210w) (blue) Rocket (250w) (pink). You can adjust individually each mode with a Fazua App, installed on your smartphone, via Bluetooth or a computer, with the Toolbox Software installed and a standard USB cable.

We have setted from a factory configuration to meet most of the riders needs, but can experiment with the different modes. Don’t worry, you can always go back to the Crow factory setting.

What is the max. torque of the motor? What is a torque sensor?

The motor has 58Nm of torque. A torque sensor measures the amount of force that is put on the crank, and allows for a more precise response from the motor when the rider pedals, which translates into a smoother acceleration and intuitive pedaling assistance. 

Hub motor or mid-motor bike?

We believe in middle motor systems. It has a better center of gravity, it doesn't limit you if want to use two different wheel sets and... in the case of the Fazua solution, it’s even better than a standard middle motor, because you can remove in seconds the motor and battery pack, turning the bike into a standard light gravel, urban or trekking bike

Can you put speed limitations on eBikes for the countries that have restrictions?

Our bicycles fall into the EPAC or Class 1 categories with the legal speed limitations. We are considering the option to set the speed limit of the Class 3, exclusively for those NA States that allow it and under previous request from the Crow User.

Will this comply with the laws in Europe/Canada/US?

In Europe and other places, we will be sending the Crow with a 250w rated motor and EU compliant speed limit. Motors up to 250w nominal power are legal in most countries. We'll be tuning the 250W version for max performance.The speed limit can be programmed to comply with local laws

What’s the top speed of the Bike?

Crow can easily achieve 25 Km/h (EU), 32 Km/h (CAN) or 20 mph (NA), for legal reasons, above legal speed limit the motor is disengaged from the bottom bracket and the riding experience will be exactly the same than a standard bicycle without any drag from the motor rotation.

Do Crow Bikes have certifications?

The Crow frames and forks have passed the EN 17404, the most demanding fatigue test of EPAC-MTB, to certify that you have a product with all the warranties and are tested in the most extreme real situations outdoor, riding under rain, mud and dirt conditions.

Payments & Shipping

Can I finance my eBike?

At this moment we can only offer financing services for the Spanish market.

How much does the shipping cost?

Your CROW bike excluded shipping. Check the shipping policy to be sure that your country is eligible for shipping and the updated prices. In case you can’t find it in our countries list, please get in contact with us by email at hello@crowbicycles.com

VAT, taxes and duties are included for member countries of the European Union. Outside if the European Union users are responsible for import, duties and government taxes. The amounts vary by country and by type of product.

Nowadays for the USA, Canada and European Union countries are 0% duty tariff. Orders within the European Union.

Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Great Britain are excluded from EU VAT.

We recommend that you check with your country's customs office for further information.

There are a handful of special regions (remote areas or islands) with unique handling rates. If that's the case, we may reach out after building your bike to collect any additional fees that apply. Note: There's an additional shipping fee for orders to Hawaii and Alaska. If you order from Hawaii or Alaska, we'll email you with payment instructions for the additional fee.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our eBike to Europe (Incl. UK, CH, NOR,), USA, Canada and Australia. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to PO Box and APO/FPO addresses. Please be aware that some remote areas or islands are restricted to be shipped.

Where will the bikes be shipped from?

From our factory in Europe (Madrid). From there we will be sending all the bikes to the users in Europe and North America.

How are the bicycles delivered? What is the Crow BBL packaging?

We use recycled and great quality BLL (BikeBox Large) packaging which cost 19.99€ and it is added to the total price of the shipping cost.

We advice to keep our own bike design packaging as can be reused in case you need to return the bike or for your personal travel....

How can I track my order?

Upon shipment, you will receive an email with your tracking number.

If you do not receive your tracking number, please contact us at hello@crowbycicles.com

Can I pick up my eBike myself at the factory and avoid the shipping charge?

Yes, you can choose to pick up in our headquarters in Madrid.

How is Crow delivered and is it easy to assemble?

You will receive your Crow and some accessories free of charge such us: a battery charger for your region, flat pedals, standardize bike, reflectors and a Prestacycle TorqRatchet Wallet with 12 Bits and a range between 2~10Nm

There will be minimal assembly required. The front wheel of the bike, pedals, seatpost and handlebar will be removed in order to fit your Crow and all the parts in the box. Don’t worry, you will receive clear instructions to assemble quick & go.

To see what this box looks like and what to do once you will receive your Crow, watch our unboxing and assembling video.

My bike box arrived damaged. What should I do?

If there is visible damage to the packaging that appears to have damaged the Crow and/or its other contents, please take some photos and notify the courier immediately as they are held responsible for all damage caused in transit.

Make sure upon delivery that the Crow packaging is in good condition before signing any documents. In case it happens in the signature delivery confirmation write your comments as courier are responsible for any damage during the transit time.

Request documentation from them stating that you have received a box with visible damages. You will need copy-evident documents for insurance purposes to qualify for a replacement of your Crow.

What if I got the wrong color, model or the wrong size?

Please contact us at hello@crowbicycles.com and tell us your order number.

Do I have to pay import duties/taxes/VAT?

If you are from the European Union or the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway, our eBikes are free of import duties due to trade agreements.
Taxes included (VAT) EU only.
Additional taxes (local taxes, government taxes...) must be paid by the user if applicable.

We recommend that you check with your country's customs office for more information.


Is there a warranty? Where can I get my Crow serviced? What about spare parts? Can any bike shop assist me?

Yes! We use high quality components and are in this for the long run. If you need any support at all you can reach our Europe Based support team by email. All Crow bikes are covered by the legal warranty, but we are really confident in our frames and forks and this is why we give you without any cost an extended voluntary guarantee of 4 more years.  All parts are covered from defect or fault. If anything should fail outside normal wear and tear or rider damage

How do I submit a warranty/guarantee claim to Crow?

Please submit a request by completing the warranty/guarantee form on this page.

What is NOT covered by your warranty?

Replacement of wear and tear parts, damage from a crash or other accidental damage, and damage from abuse or corrosion are all examples of what is not covered. Please, see the complete warranty policy for a more detailed list.

I am not eligible for a warranty. Can you help me?

Yes. We offer preferred pricing for riders that are not eligible for warranty. Please, contact us

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