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Gravital Risbar SL 4

If you have doubts between having an e-gravel or a stadard one, I would take a look at the 2-in-1 that offers Crow. The help of this electric is less 'beast' and more natural than other e-bikes, we don't need a motorcycle, we want a little help at times, and that is what offers us.

Gravital Naked SL 4

We are thrilled that with this ultralight eBike you can follow a peloton on the asphalt, explore remote places or fly through the city. Moreover, you can turn it into a conventional bike in a matter of seconds. Its performance is always outstanding,with or without pedal assistance.

Gravital Risbar SL 4

The Gravital Risbar has a double height handlebar, mtb type, which makes things easier when riding in difficult areas giving you a greater sense of security. If you have never ridden an eBike before, you will be amazed at how helpful you will feel, it is like riding with a tailwind at all times.

Gravital Naked SL 4

This eBike breathes and behaves like a mechanical urban sports bike that, as a bonus, provides the rider with that electric assistance that can be so useful in certain situations. To achieve that, it does not compromise on lightness, precision or agility.

Gravital UL 2

The Crow Gravital UL 2 is an ultralight electronic bike or ebike that, thanks to its geometry designed for gravel, allows you to enjoy any terrain. It is suitable for any type of discipline, whether it's a bit more leisurely or a bit more competitive. It can also be used for bikepacking.

Gravital UL 2

This bike shows great originality by stylishly mixing Gravel with the world of eBikes. Moreover, this is a recently created brand with a handcrafted approach that has not wanted to follow the most popular patterns. To sum up, it leaves no one indifferent wherever it goes.

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