Fly Green
On Tarmac

Mobility is changing, and with it, everything that surrounds it. At Crow, we are committed to friendly cities for people and where bicycles are the main character in the daily commuting.

Riding a Crow Gravital Urban eBike you can reduce your carbon footprint and make your daily commute more exciting at the same time.

An Unstoppable

Be part of the change and enjoy the streets from a new perspective. Say goodbye to traffic jams and parking problems, and get around with style and efficiency. You and your Crow are an unstoppable movement.

With a single charge range of approximately 50 miles / 80 Kilometers you have more than enough power to get to work and back each day.

The most urban Crow Gravital presents an intelligent proposal so that your mobility has no barriers. Its extraordinary lightness allows you to move without anything stopping you; you can ride it with or without assistance according to your needs with a rolling so smooth that you will not know when it is on or off. You will only notice that everything becomes way easier.

With weights between 14.6 and 15.7 kg, they are a benchmark in their category. In addition, the battery and motor can be removed from your Crow in seconds, so you can take them with you, avoiding any risk or being able to charge it wherever you need it since its charger is not much bigger than a laptop one.

Choose your own Urban Adventure

We know that there are multiple types of users and their needs are different. This is why we offer you two different approaches so that you can find the perfect urban eBike for you. Choose your partner and live a new adventure every day.


If you're looking for a sporty, fast machine like no other for your daily commute, check out our Gravital Sport with flat handlebars and slick tires for a sleek and sporty stance, with a smooth-rolling but the grip you need on your daily track.

Gravital Urbe SL

If you're seeking a comfortable bike, equipped to ride no matter the weather and where you can carry all your things, our Gravital Urbe is your choice. With its riser-handlebar, you will have a straighter position for a better vision and a more comfortable posture; mudguards to protect you from the wet roads, rear carrier, where you can install the bag that best suits your needs.

Oh, and don't miss out on a good set of powerful portable LED lights to see and be seen with. Perfect for your adventures when the sun goes down.