This is the start of a Global Cycling Brand

We’re not just another
Bike Project

Created for cyclists by cyclists

With 15 years of international major cycling industry brand expertise amid a team of active riders, Crow proudly presents its first eBike range: Ultralight high-end carbon fiber and aluminum eBikes, designed for riders of all skills. Whether it's gravel paths, commuting, or the weekend group road ride... our eBikes can tackle it all.

R&D is part of our DNA

The Crow brand was born from an idea that bikes could be better. We are looking to disrupt a 200-year-old industry by connecting consumers to the Crow brand in a meaningful way. One of the first steps is to connect every consumer to the brand through the Crow App.

The Crow App

It will help riders understand their performance and provide unique opportunities to engage directly with the brand, featuring GPS navigation, tracking and a speedometer, as well as metrics like cadence, rider power output and torque generation. In addition, it communicates with the battery to display current battery levels and range, and give a technical overview of the motor system.

Lead by design

We also lead by design. Our engineering team has decades of experience in creating a frameset that is tough, yet elegant, delivering a level of performance meritorious of pro racers, but as approachable to beginner cyclists as possible. We are currently working on multiple patents and will continue to focus.

Business Model

At Crow Bicycles we are 100% committed with our users and this is why we believe in close contact and long term relationships. Only a direct relationship with you allows us to get your feedback without filters, this is the only way to learn from you and become a better company.

There are more benefits but there’s another one important for you with our D2C business model. You can get the best products at a fair price. Going direct we can dedicate more resources to R&D to build the best bicycles on the market and also to offer them to you with a fair price to your pocket.