Power—When You Want It

All our eBikes Crow have the same German Fazua motor pack that includes:
A Fazua Ride 50 Street motor, with a torque of 58Nm. and a 1.4kg/3.08 lbs Fazua Energy 250X battery.
The battery is composed of Samsung 35E cells in a 10S2P arrangement offering a capacity of 252Wh (7000mAh) at 36V, with a range of up to 90km/54mi.

The Fazua Ride 50 Street, is one of the industry’s lightest, most compact mid-mounted drive system, does it all; it’s cleanly integrated within the Crow frame, resulting in a bike that both retains its snappy, responsive handling, but also maintains a non-motorized appearance.

The German-designed Fazua Ride 50 Street power pack is the lightest battery and motor combination on the market. This system is completely and easily removable and the extra space can be used for snacks, spare tubes, or layers.

Do you prefer to ride your Crow without motor assist? No problem! Just remove your battery pack, replace it with our downtube cover, and enjoy a ride without the need of power assist.

Pedal Assistant Riding Models

Choose from three levels of assistance or pedal without any help, just as you would on a non-motorized bike.

Level 1


Light Power Assist - Green LEDs

With gentle, constant power, Light Power Assist delivers 100 watts of assist, equivalent to that of a strong tailwind, even for beginner riders power.



Medium Power Assist - Blue Leds

Our progressive and sporty mode, Medium Power Assist brings you a truly smooth riding experience. The strength of the support precisely follows cadence and power output. With upwards of 210 watts of assist, you get power assist equivalent to what you give!

level 3


High Power Assist - Pink Leds

Delivering the most assistance, High Power Assist is there to help you to tackle the biggest climbs even with moderate driver power. With a maximum of about 250 watts of assist, High Power Assist helps you manage climbs you previously thought unattainable.