Designed to Handle Anything

Without question, the highest, most stringent industry testing standards for a frame’s strength and toughness is that of mountain bikes. So in making an Crow eBike tough enough for even the roughest trails, we decided that would be our standard as well.

Undergoing thousands of cycles of fatigue and impact testing in a lab, the Crow has come through with flying colors, earning mountain bike testing approval and certification. We did this to ensure we could confidently say this bike was built for all conditions. Whether you’re going for the weekend peloton, commuting to work or a gravel expedition, Crow can handle it all.

Testing Standard: EN 174040: 2019 EPAC-MTB

Battle Tested

Not only did we test the Crow eBike under the strictest frame testing but then we took it further. We’ve been testing the bike in every condition imaginable and it has held up like no other.